Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Mid week Catch up!! :)

Hey lovelies how are you all this week?
Thought I would do a quick catch up with you guys and aim to stay updated as possible!
How was your bank holiday? Let me know!
Well so far this week, it has been interesting! I've already got work from uni to start on, which is super exciting!
I've been told to research about Japanese fashion designers and I've been in awe, honestly!
I never really paid attention to certain designers il be honest I generally just went on trends but this assignment as let me research and find out a lot more and it's safe to say I've really enjoyed it!
I really really really ( yes really) like Issey Miyake and his clothing. They are absolutely amazing!
Designed to perfection and completely out of the comfort  zone! What I love is the fact that he dares to be different and brings to the table quirk mixed with totally bizzare something I could definetly see Lady Gaga wearing! 

As you can see, he definetly pushes the barriers on rules about the limit, daring to be different! I also had to research about any international designers that were influenced by Japanese designers and I found Viktor and Rolf as one of them. I never knew they designed clothes ( embrassing) I just knew them for their perfume how wrong was I! I absolutely love their brand! The clothing designs are  brilliant! So out of the ordinary and you can tell who they are heavily influenced by, tell me what you think with this picture?

So that's what I've been up to and will be  stuck in until hand in date! I'm away this weekend but will try to blog and update.

I finally purchased a new vintage sewing machine after one year of not having one but I'm yet to try it out, no time I also got a new mannequin from a beautiful bridal shop in the jewellery quarter in birmingham. I will post some pictures in my next post when I finally use them!

What are you guys up to for the rest of the week? Anything exciting? Let me know 
Was thinking, once I start my charity job to start posting weekly maybe daily clothing Inspo, depending on time what do you think? 
Il stop bombarding you now but stay tuned 

Candice xxx

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