Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Catch up!!

Hey lovelies!! It's been a while
First of all im back 2nd of all  im sorry!!
A lot has happened in the last couple of months but I'm pleased to be sharing it on my blog with guys again!! 

Well first of all the last time I was on here I was about to embark on my beauty journey well I'm happy to say that it's still happening but other things cropped up too! I went self employed and began working on a different business venture meaning I had to put my beauty on hold.
However im able to incorporate it again with the existing venture, and carry on achieving those goals!! Retraining was a hard decision for me but you know what they say dreams will be dreams until you achieve them and then they become real! It's been hard as I've been very indecisive for years and struggled to make a clear career path decision mainly down to life's tricks and battles thrown in the way but I'm positive it will all turn out fine! August and September will be busy months but I will post and update you so follow me and see :) 

In the last month I have moved homes
Started slimming world and started exercising more! Decided it was time to lose this "baby weight" as my baby is 4!! Next month! No excuses! *sobs*
It was hard because looking back on old pictures, I was always 9/10st never had to watch what I ate or worry about my weight and now my weight has cropped up to the heaviest ive ever been! With a little push I took my first step and joined slimming world and safe to say I'm enjoying it!, partly because theres not been a huge change in my diet as I thought they would be but just swap bad things for good things instead so it's healthier which has made it easier for me, I'm useless at calorie counting mainly because I usually forget to log it, so I just keep a daily diary and go from there. I'm starting my first training session this week which again is very nerving for me as I hate the gym Lol it's hard for me to stay focused and motivated so I decided to find help via a personal trainer recommended by a friend, I (Instagram: Anna_Simonite) she's an amazing inspiration to me and has made massive achievements to lose weight, her transformation pictures and gym trains are insane!! I literally leaped at the chance to have her train me! So make sure you check her out. Again I will post soon on how it all went, I'm a fan of pictures so if some of my posts are very brief be sure to follow me on Instagram (MissWhite__)-as I tend to post a lot and ramble on there! In regards to changing what I eat, im feeling a lot better within myself for it too! Feeling like I have a lot more energy and I'm not so lethargic all the time it's amazing how certain foods can make you feel sluggish!! I'm currently looking at yoga and Pilates classes not having much luck and may just join a gym to gain access (was trying to save money) lol have you got any recommendations? If so comment or drop me a line

I will post some more inspo posts about my progress as I don't want to get ahead of myself but so far I've made smoothies and tried new foods apart from junk food!

Exciting stuff! What are your thoughts of your on a weightloss journey and what do you prefer? Talk to me it's good to hear feedback from others doing the same and it's very inspiring !

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